I am enjoying your exploration of our lovely "Belle province".. For your information, the plains of Abraham were the site where the final battle between the French and English for control of upper and lower Canada, which means Quebec and Ontario was fought. It occurred at the end of the 100 years war. The English (under General Wolfe defeated General Montcalm) which is possibly why you didn't see any signs explaining what the site was. That event was the foundation of the deep antipathy. Between the French and English. It depends which side you talk to but the monied British --who came and made more money-/treated the French as stupid peasants a second class citizens. The RC Church had enormous influence over the French and not in a good way. The Canadiens were an oppressed people until what was called the quiet revolution in the 1970s. During that time the French Canadiens began to agitate for separation and threw off the oppression of the Church in a very dramatic way. Many of the Notre Dame churches will be nearly empty on Sunday morning (if they open at all). Quebec is proud to be a completely secular society. They have even gone so far as to pass laws forbidding the wearing or display of religious jewelry in public workspaces. This includes crosses, hahaha, kippas, turbans and the like. So, the history is still very hot and the role of Quebec and the place of Quebec qua culture within Canada is something that is still being formed. I'm looking forward to hearing your next installment from that from La Belle Provence.

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